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arrow Does MPA offer internships?

MPA doesn't offer internships, because the association doesn't employ full-time staff, as it is run by a council of volunteer psychiatrists, who have full-time employment elsewhere.
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arrow Where can I find statistics about mental health related issues in Malaysia?

The latest survey conducted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia was the 3rd National Health and Morbidity Survey in 2006, which covers many aspects of health statistics in Malaysia. MPA doesnít have a copy of the survey and interested is kindly requested to contact MOH directly, if you want to obtain the report.
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arrow Where I can get medication from in Malaysia?

All medications to treat psychiatric disorders must be prescribed by a psychiatrist, who is registered with the Malaysian Medical Council, and they will tell you where you can purchase the medication from. Therefore please see your psychiatrist for further information.
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arrow How do I apply for a Malaysian Medical License?

I am a psychiatrist trained overseas and I hold a valid certificate and a Medical License. How can I apply for a 'Malaysian Medical License', when I am from another country and graduated overseas?
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arrow How do I tell if my child is suffering from attention deficit disorder?

Children are fidgety and canít keep still by nature, but to know when the behaviour is normal or when itís Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you have to consider monitoring and evaluating your childís behaviour not only at home, but also in the classroom and playground.

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arrow What is MPA?

MPA stands for Malaysian Psychiatric Association. It is an association of Psychiatrists in Malaysia. The MPA also has associate members who are other mental health care workers. The motto for the MPA is ĎA healthy mind in a healthy bodyí
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